Small Batch Coffee

Roasted fresh weekly in downtown Ottawa

We could tell you about how we love coffee, roast everything in-house, source beans from all over, “a plethora of flavor profiles,” yada yada yada. But instead? We want you to see how important quality is to us when you experience it for yourself. Small batch roasted in downtown Ottawa, you can taste the love, care, and expertise in each cup.
Our Coffees

House Dark Roast

cocoa, tart, spice

Lone Buffalo Blend

sweet cocoa, wine, savory

Two Rivers Blend

wine, herbal, rich

Lock and Mule Blend

berry, cocoa, citrus

Breakfast Blend

wine, herbal, rich

Latin American Blend

nutty, citric, herbal


smooth, tart, cocoa

Christmas Blend

sweet, tart, cocoa

Never run out of coffee!

Get beans delivered right to your door each month.



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