In-House Roasted Coffees

Jeremiah Joe Coffee proudly roasts the blends that make up each and every delectable cup of coffee or espresso we serve. Enjoy your very own hand-crafted cup today.

Freshly brewed at Jeremiah Joe Coffee

House Dark Roast

medium/dark roast

A simple blend of Central American and African coffee roasted for a full, rich flavor. A great compliment to your evening dessert.

Breakfast Blend

medium roast

A blend of Central and South American coffees roasted to perfection with a flavor and aroma that goes well with your morning pastry.

Two Rivers Blend

dark roast

Named after the Illinois and Fox Rivers that intersect in the heart of Ottawa Illinois. This blend is a medley of Asian and African coffees that's great for a mid-morning pick up or an after dinner treat.


espresso roast

We blend a complex variety of Asian, African, and Central American coffees. Roasted at varying temperatures from medium to dark to provide a full espresso experience. 

Decaf Espresso Blend

espresso roast

A fusion of South American for sweetness, Asian for fullness, and African for soft aroma. Great as an Americano.

Beans by the pound

Bring the coffeeshop experience home by purchasing any of the following coffees in our shop, online, or at Handy Foods on Ottawa's North side:

Sumatra Mandheling

Ethiopian Yirgacheffee

Colombian Supremo

Costa Rican